If anyone is using WordPress for any kind of purpose you must be aware of the variety of plugins available from both WordPress and third parties. Yes obviously can’t (or rather, shouldn’t) install all the plugins, but how would you know which ones(plugins) are worthy of your time? The very best plugins for your website will depend on overall goals, but here I have a list of WordPress plugins that are great for pretty much everyone.

WordPress SEO by Yoast

Yoast is one of the best and most widely recommended SEO plugin for WordPress. Wordpress seo by Yoast have a lot of useful features .Website can be opitimize for search, but it also bring with built-in content analysis functions which helps to optimize any content. It also automatically creates XML sitemaps to submit to Google, and they automatically update whenever you publish something new. Yoast SEO does everything in its power to please both visitors and search engine spiders. A dedicated team of developers, testers, architects and SEO experts work daily to improve the plugin with every release.


Displaying related posts are a proven way to keep people on a blog and reading content. This is a highly customizable plugin for displaying related posts. With it features can be customize such as thumbnail size, number of posts to display, level of relevancy, and categories can be include or exclude. Even choose to display blog posts from partner sites in blogroll. Optional related plugins include nRelate Flyout, which displays content in a neat-looking flyout box, and nRelate Most Popular. This plugin has been closed as of March 7, 2019 and unfortunatelly is not available for download. This closure is permanent but we have best replacement of it Option 1: JetPack option 2: is Contexual related post.

W3 Total Cache

Website caching is an effectual to speed up the load time of your website. If that sounds appealing to developer of web, then this plugin is just for that .W3 Total cache  does a lot of work. It stores a static copy of pages,can makes CSS/HTML/Javscript files smaller, and handles content delivery network (CDN) uploads. visitors enjoy a faster site, but can also save money in bandwidth costs.

There are few things more chaotic to a webmaster then the crash of a website .That`s why its always good to be prepared. Vault press is a premium website backup service that offers automated daily backups,daily security scans, and support from word press experts.This plugin is offered by word press experts.This plugin is offered by word press, so trust in its reliability.The coast starts at$15 per month per site,and its well worth it to be prepared in the event of a website emergency.

Click Desk Live chat

It provide live support on website, this is nifty plugin will let to create a live support widget through G talk or Skype account. This free plan allows up to 30 chats per month. If opt for the Click Desk Magic bundle, can get live chat, a support ticket desk, and voice chat all rolled into one. Click desk is a great alternative to Live Person since it has more features, and is only a fraction of the cost.

Broken Link Checker

This site is full of broken links of great amount of use to anyone. Through it You can deal with them by either waiting for users to report them, or by going through and checking them all yourself. Or, you could install the Broken link Checker plugin. This plugin checks posts, comments, blogroll, and any custom fields so every one can find broken links before they become problematic. Instead of having to go through and change each post or page, it can change them right from the plugin interface. It’s a very simple, time-saving solution that every website should have.


This is a great plugin for those who want a way to monitor their web traffic in real time. Wassup give a great looking dashboard to monitor the comings and goings of website. You can get detailed information about everything about visitors are doing, from signing up for newsletters to leaving comments. It is really into metrics, this plugin is a great supplement to Google Analytics or WordPress Status.


If you are looking a more feature rich commenting system for blog, then Disqus is for just for you. Its features are full range of user icons, login options, spam protection, and share options. A single Disqus account can works across all blogs that have the installed plugin so the user can keep track of comments where ever Disqus is found.It is already featured on more than 2.5 million websites across the web.

Wp-Touch.Stattistics shows that47 million people in the U.S alone access the internet from mobile devices every day. Wp Touch. lets design a touch-friendly mobile website quickly and easily. In the beginning it only created websites compatible with iPhone.There is a free version, and a premium version will allows to add own branding and embed ads.