While addressing to people of Dhaka.

On 21st March 1948, Quaid-e-Azam addressed the people of Dhaka and he said:

“What we want is not to talk about Bengali,Punjabi,Sindhi,Balochi,Pathan and so on ……wWe are nothing but Pakistani now it is our duty to act like Pakistani.”

Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad ali Jinnah

Besides it, he announced that;

Minorities would be given a complete sense of security and that they would even enjoy equal rights. This is the fundamental teachings of Islam.

If the Minorities would not have given the complete sense of security how will they celebrate 14 august with us like shown in image above….

State Bank of Pakistan.

On 1st July 1948 Quaid-e-Azam inaugurated the State Bank of Pakistan on this occasion he said:

The economic system of the West has created almost insoluble problems for humanity. It has failed to do justice between man and man. We must present to the world the economic system based on the true Islamic Concept of equality and Manhood and Social Justice“.

State Bank Library
While addressing to people
opening ceremony held by Quaid

Background of Pakistan resolution

The Muslims wanted to secure themselves against the domination of Hindus. The Hindu parties were making demand for Ram Raj. Hinduism was constantly trying to merge Islam into it like other issues. If the United subcontinent had got freedom, it would have been a permanent form of Hindu authorities because modern democratic system believes in majority government 😡. It was must to get rid of the dominance of the Hindus and it was possible only if the subcontinent was divided.

Inspite of presence of the British rule, the blood of Muslims was shed mercilessly in sectarian riots

The Muslims were given less status in society. They could not lead a dignified and graceful life in Hindu society that believes in caste system, color and creed and the Hindus could never agree to give the Muslims equal social status.

In the second half of 19th century and during the beginning of 20th century, the Hindus continued their attempts to wipe out the language, culture, and civilization of the Muslims, it seemed clear that if India got freedom as a single country, the culture, Civilization and the language of the Muslims would always be in danger.

The Muslims wanted to establish a state in the name of Islam, where they could lead their individual as well as collective lives freely in accordance with the principles laid by Islam.

In different periods, different visionaries gave the sign about the partition of the sub-continent, but Allama Muhammad Iqbal, while presiding over the Annual Session of all India Muslim League at Allahabad in 1930 presented declared plan in a forceful and argumentative manner. Chaudhry Rehmat Ali prepared a pamphlet “now and never” and distributed among the participants of the third Round Table Conference being held in London.

Sindh Muslim League passed a resolution in favor of partition.

In 1940 Quaid-e-Azam got the resolution of Pakistan passed and formed it as the demand of Millat.

Prominent personalities of Pakistan Movement

  1. Muhammad Ali Jinnah.
  2. Allama Muhammad Iqbal.
  3. Liaquat Ali Khan.
  4. Fatima Jinnah.
  5. Begum Rana Liaquat.
  6. Sir Muhammad Zaffarullah Khan.
  7. Faizul Haq.
  8. Rahmat Ali.
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Pakistan Movement

The Pakistan Movement or Tahriq-e-Pakistan was religious-political movement in the 1940s that aimed for and succeeded in the creation of Dominion of Pakistan from the Muslim-majority areas of the British Indian Empire. The leadership of the movement was mostly educated at Aligarh Muslim University. From the Aligarh movement, the Indian Muslim community developed a secular political identity he Pakistan Movement progressed within India alongside the Indian Independence movement but the Pakistan Movement sought to establish a new nation-state that protected the religious identity and political interests of Muslims in the Indian subcontinent.

Urdu poets such as Iqbal and Faizi used literature, poetry, and speech as a powerful tool for political  Awareness.

Why was Pakistan Created..

Pakistan was created, as an Islamic state, out of the partition of the UK’s Indian Empire, at independence in August 1947. It originally consisted of two parts, West Pakistan (present Pakistan) and East Pakistan (present Bangladesh), separated by 1,600 km of Indian territory. Partition was followed by a war with India over Kashmir and the mass migration of Muslims, Hindus, and Sikhs to resettle within the new borders, an upheaval which led to violence, financial loss and death on a large scale. With the arrival of Indian Muslims and departure of Pakistan’s Hindus and Sikhs, Pakistan became an almost entirely Muslim society. Jinnah, who is honored as the Quaid-i-Azam, or great leader, died in 1948.

After separation

In 1956, Pakistan became a Federal Republic. It has been under military rule for long periods. Its first Prime Minister, Liaquat Ali Khan, was assassinated in 1951. In 1958, martial law was declared and political parties abolished. General (later Field Marshal) Ayub Khan became President in 1960 and allowed a form of guided ‘basic democracy’. However, failure to win the 1965 war against India and Accusations of Nepotism and corruption undermined his position. In the east, the Awami League of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman voiced the grievances of the Bengali population. Ayub Khan resigned in 1969 and power was taken over by General Yahya Khan, who in December 1970 held the first National Election in Independent Pakistan.

14 August 1947

Independence Day of Pakistan 14th August, the day of independence, the time when the two-nation theory gets success and become the main cause of independence of our beloved homeland Pakistan, the Muslims of subcontinent get the freedom, along with there dignity and security.

Muslims were succeeded in getting this reward after a long hardship. We discovered this homeland Pakistan after a lot of efforts. Our adored country Pakistan started to be a free Muslim state on 14th August 1947.

History of 14th august 1947

The subcontinent was endured British colony from 1847-1947; Muslims was the sovereigns before the British raj and they agonized after the war of 1857 against British, a lot of great leaders like Sir Syad Ahmad khan and Molana Muhammad Ali Johor work really very hard for the political advancement of Muslims.

In 1885 All India National congress was founded, Main Muslim political leaders, also including Muhammad Ali Jinnah, were the members of Indian National Congress and they worked towards Hindu-Muslim unity as well as the independence of India, however, soon they realized that the Hindu are never serious together with Muslims they never see the perfection of Muslims.

For this reason, in 1906 All India Muslim league was founded, there was the increasing mandate from a self-determining state of Muslims in India. In 1930, the great Allama Iqbal gives the idea of a separate homeland for the Muslims which geologically consist of a Muslim state in India.

Strong Hindu patriotism is the main reason of the Two-Nation Theory, a thought that is recognized as being the basis for the creation of Pakistan. In 1940 the Pakistan Resolution was passed in Lahore challenging the greater Muslim independence in British India.

After the World War II, it was presumed that the British colonies would soon fragment. The Pakistan Movement which was regulated by Muhammad Ali Jinnah resulted in creating a Muslim nation. Pakistan achieved independence from the British rule on August 14th, 1947. At that time, the person named Mustafa Ali Hamdani announced the freedom of Muslims and of a separate homeland at 00:05AM