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OUr Proffesionals

Hadia Zaka

Web developer, Designer, Content writer, SEO Optimizer

view of Pakistan

Martial Azam

Biker, Web Analyzer,Photographer,Seo

Zakaullah Zafar

Motivational Speaker

Umme Ashtalfa

Content Creator and Editor

— From Inside Out

We Love Pakistan

This website is created to highlight all the hidden Hardships of our Leaders, Not only leaders but also those efforts of our Fore Fathers and of those Mothers who Lost their Children and of those Muslims who lost their lives in order to Achieve this homeland. Here we are living in peace but not knowing the struggles and Pains hidden behind.

I’ve come up with this Ideo and the Basic word you see in the Title of my Website clearly refers to “History of Pakistan”


About Pakistans Beauty

I’ve also focused on showing off the beauty of Pakistan, How beautiful this country is, and how beautiful these People of Pakistan are from Inside out

Pakistan has been bestowed with beautiful plains and Plateau such that of Pothwar Plateau Lying between the Indus and Jhelum rivers and bounded on the north by the Hazāra Hills and on the south by the Salt Range

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