Now a days, I’m in grade 9. I am 14 years old. From my early childhood, I was anxious to do something 😅 different from my childhood fellow students. From grade 5 to 9 i was just thinking……Read more to know about me.

What i need to do something differently????

As I didn’t knew how to proceed it.

Allah Almighty gave me a chance to fulfill my dream. This happened when I saw my under-construction house with my younger sister. At that place my younger sister Ashtalfa asked me: Api ……..Was Pakistan also made as our house is getting constructed?

holding panting

At the time her age was just 4 years. I was totally confused that how to tell her that how was Pakistan created in the leadership of Quaid-e-Azam . Well-known personalities of Freedom of the movement of Pakistan. As she was too young to understand such things but along this, her computer skills were quite good. She was very well versed with operating systems, browsers and games and other computer applications. By seeing all her expertise idea came in my mind that i need to develop a website for her and for my other new generation. As I have listened to many stories of migration from India to Pakistan from my grandfather that were also in my mind.

In my school I read “Information Communication Technology”(ICT)as my regular subject . That’s why I’m able to handle computer in a better way . Then i discuss my idea with my School Teacher and she listened to me very carefully and appreciated me for such wonderful thoughts . That time she referred me to principal to explain my idea for practical implementation.

After discussion with principal, she hugged me, appreciated my idea as no one in my class was thinking like me . She talked to my parents and asked them for a meeting in school . After their discussion, it was suggested by my Principle that my parents will enroll me some course .

Continuing to that,

More about me is that Alhamdulillah, my parents are quite committed to my education that helps me to browse relevant courses in Web development. We found many courses like Wix, jumala, WordPress and many others at this stage. I was confused that which course i should need to adopt .I discussed things with my father and my Mamu, they guided me very professionally and in an easy way. They told me did i search again and check the benefits and drawbacks all available for web development tools after this analysis I found WordPress is the best tool as 33% of all websites are working on WordPress Content Management System (CMS) after this decision my parents helped me to get enroll with Digi skills and Freelance Pakistan online courses of WordPress. Me and my parents spend most of the time on the computer to learn WordPress to make me competent.

My father and mother also get the certification from Digiskills. After my learning, I started to work on my project HistoPakistan .Before choosing the name HistoPakistan, we have searched on many hosting and domain offering sites like GoDaddy, Holsinger, Name Cheap. We could not find a name like this. That’s why I had need to choose this name. After getting the Domain and hosting from Namecheap which is American server and provider.

I start work and after many experiments like two times my site got crashed and i had lost my all data. After losing my all data, i cried a lot then my mother hugged me and motivated me by saying that if we made it two times so Inshallah you can make it possible third time also and yes!!!!! She said true that actually practice makes a man perfect.

or in the words of Iqbal and thoughts of my Nana Abu

تندیئیے بادمخالف سے نہ گھبرا اے عقاب یہ تو چلتی ہے تجھ کو اونچا

So I made my website third time just in one week and now i have already experienced of making two websites. I have added pictures,articles, information and stories as per my age if you feel and to add something more so please provide me the relevant information in shape of pictures or articles further i have switched on option on HistoPakistan of Guest Post or Guest Post Blog writing where you can add your own stories of those people.

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Everyone can understand how much sacrifices our grandparents have given to get the Homeland we pleased . So please keep reading and sharing so we can create healthy and relevant information for our coming generation. Thankyou پاکستان

پاکستان تجھے سلام کیونکہ کہ اس دنیا میں تو ہی ہے میری پہچان