Pakistan Movement(1940-1947)

After the failure of the war of freedom 😡 in 1957, the Muslim leaders were constantly thinking about how they could provide the Muslims with the Peaceful, Secured and Honored environment. Though, it was being discussed as how to provide security to the Muslims, yet they were unsatisfied with their future. Many significant personalities like:

Syed Jamal-ud-din Afghani, Abdul Haleem Sharar, Abdul Jabbar Khairi, Sattar Khairi(Khairi brothers), Moulana Muhammad Ali Jouhar, Quid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Allama Iqbal and Chaudhary Rehmat Ali proposed for partition the sub-continent.

Pakistan was demanded by the whole Muslim Nation after thorough thinking. The demand was not made under some timely anger or passion. In this way, the demand for partition grew gradually. The important events that took place with reference to the Pakistan Movement from (1940-1947) are given below:

Pakistan Resolution 1940

The 27th Annual Session of all India Muslim league was held at Lahore in the historical Park”Iqbal Park”on 23rd of March 1940.It was presided over by Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Great personalities like Maulana Zafar Ali Khan, Qazi Mohammad Issa, Sir Abdullah Haroon, Chaudhary Khaleeq-uz-Zaman, Sardar Abdur Rab Nishtar, and Maulana Abdul Hamid Badayooni were present in this Session. A large number of Muslims from all over the sub-continent participated in the Session. A Resolution named(Lahore Resolution)was presented in the session by Tiger of Bengal A.K. Fazl-ul-Haque. Thus this Historical day,the Muslims identified their destination.