What to do in Lahore

What are some Famous and Popular activities to

Now The Top Things To See And Do In Lahore.

  1. Food Street and M.M Alam Road. The M.M Alam Road runs from the Main Market to Firdous Market. …
  2. Lahore Fort. The Lahore Fort, or the Shahi Qila, is a wonderful and one-of-a-kind Mughal architecture. …
  3. Badshahi Mosque. …
  4. Masjid Wazir Khan. …
  5. Shalamar Gardens. …
  6. The Minar e Pakistan. …
  7. Lahore Wagah Border.
  8. Mini Golf Club. …
    • Admire the Craftsmanship of Sheesh Mahal. …
    • Find Solitude at the Wazir Khan Mosque. …
    • Walk around the Market at Delhi Gate. …
    • Learn the History at the Lahore Museum. …
    • Witness the Border Ceremony at the Wahga Gate.

Lahore is also known as the Heart of Pakistan. It’s capital of Punjab province. It is the second-largest city in Pakistan. It is the most cultural, political, and educational city of Pakistan.

Lahore is also famous for its garden and parks and has the title of (City of Gardens).This city also has a rich culture and a lovely atmosphere.

Let me tell you about come popular parks and gardens that you should visit at all costs .

  1. Jilani Park.
  2. Shalimar Gardens.
  3. The Lahore Canal.
  4. Mochi Bagh.
  5. Nasir Bagh.
  6. National Bank Park.
  7. Nawaz Sharif Park.
  8. Oasis Golf and Aqua Resort
  9. Punjab society park.
  10. Riwaz Garden.

So lets talk about some popular Shopping malls of Lahore

  1. Emporium Mall.
  2. Fortress Stadium.
  3. Liberty Market.
  4. Anarkali Bazar.
  5. The Mall of Lahore.
  6. Packages Mall.
  7. Amanah mall.
  8. Avenue mall.
  9. Pace Shopping Mall.
  10. Jasmine Mall.
  11. Hyperstar.

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So You might get hungry from strolling all through these streets so lets talk about famous food points other than the places in the malls.It might give you a hand in filling your poor little empty stomach.

  1. Falooda from Baba Ji Kulfi Walay, Muslim Town.
  2.  Beef Khoya Tikka from Shafi Tikka Shop, Saddar Bazaar.
  3. Besan-Fried Rahu from Bashir Dar ul Mahi, Mozang.
  4. Nihari from Waris Nihari House, Anarkali.
  5. Mango Pista Badaam Ice Cream from Chaman, Beadon Road, Mall.
  6. Anda Shami from Rangeela Burger, Main Mall Road Near Naqi Market.
  7. Cone from Alamgir Waffle Cone, Main Market.
  8. Doodh Patti from Goonga Yaqoo Chai Wala, Temple Road, Mozang.
  9. Doodh Jalebi from Gawalmandi.
  10. Meethi Lassi from Jeda Lassi, Gumti Bazaar.
  11. Kunafa from Nisa Sultan, M.M Alam Road, Gulberg III.
  12. Halwa Puri from Taj Mahal, Taxali Gate.
  13. Biryani from Jaidi Biryani.
  14. Seekh Kebab from Saeen Kebab, Mochi Gate.
  15. Khatai by Khalifa Bakers, Mochi Gate.

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