New skills are the demand of this era Pakistani nation needs to learn.

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What skills and expertise we need to learn in this modern era. In this article we will try to discover that skill in 2019 to be very successful in today’s article I would try to clear this point to help you understand but before to go next I would like to share a story. This story belongs to Jack Ma

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I am jack ma.

Do you know who is jack ma ?

Who is jack Ma?

Jack Ma, or Ma Yun, is a retired Chinese business magnate, investor, politician, and philanthropist. He is the co-founder and former executive

Jack Ma in an interview

Chairman of Alibaba Group, a multinational technology conglomerate. Ma is a strong proponent of an open and market-driven economy. 

Few years before someone asked Jack ma a question at the world economic form the question was:

What are the skills that you think are necessary to be success full?

He replied there are three skills.

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Skill 1

The first skill is EQ(emotional Quotient) if you want to be successful the skill you need to be higher EQ.

Mans brain works as a machine

Skill 2&3

There is another skill that is IQ (intelligence Quotient if you don’t want to lose in your life you need a higher IQ but what is the one last skill that you really really need to be successful i.e.the long term love Quotient or the IQ of love.

emotional intelligence written in a dialogue box

The Point is in the future when everything is becoming so complex just a single skill that will make you successful and will help you to be able to differentiate from your pear that’ll be a skill of your future. Humanity skills are those skills that will help you manage your people.

What are these skills???

  • These are skills which will help you to motivate people.
  • These are skills that will help you influence people.
  • These are skills that’ll help you connect people.

The only skill that will help you to be a successful person are the above given skills.

hands made out of words joining eachother
  • Everyone needs to explore these skills.
  • How can we influence people in our surroundings?
  • How to connect people by this skill.
  • How to a communicate with them.
  • How to convince them.
  • How you make them your followers.

Just one skill that you really really need this year to become successful is a skill of Humanity.

With the power of humanity skill, we will get to the point where we want to reach. Everyone needs to think about how these skills can create or bring positive change. How to motivate people with these skills. How to influence these skills.How to develop this society by developing these skills.

Love Quotient

If you develop these skills you can develop society, the power of humanity skill will get you to the point where you want. if you develop these skills you can influence people & can interact with the society you can create Revelation by bringing the positive change if you can convince people you can do anything in this world good luck in this journey. Keep motivating your self in the way of positive change.

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