How freelancing can be industry.

Pakistan needs to promote freelancing industry.

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Freelancing industry is thriving.

Every government face uncountable problems such as poverty, electricity crisis, law and order situation, economic crisis unemployment and a lot more.

These challenges will not only expose the reality of the government’s claims but will also test its nerve and capability to perform. One of major problems is the use of young minds in the pursuit of Pakistan.

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According to a current report, 64% of the population in Pakistan is under the age of 30. Furthermore, 29% of the total population comprises people aged between 15 and 29 years. This, in its actual sense, is quite a healthy sign. However, if not utilised, the same young blood ,minds can create serious problems for any country. Today, Pakistan faces uncountable problems such as economic crisis, terrorism, target killings, street crimes, unemployment etc. Unemployment is root cause in the non-utilisation of youth. There are some alarming points

The World Bank report states that in 2039 the population of youth in Pakistan will reach its peak with an average annual growth of 9% from

2025 to 2035. That,s why, it is important to provide young minds with opportunities of academic education, vocational training, skills for employment and entrepreneurship, so that they would able to the productive part of socio-economic growth of Pakistan.

Nation-building is referred to as the process of getting all citizens involved in the socio-economic success of a country. However, it is the youth roll that is considered as a nation-builders in the truest sense. Youth of any nation is also the leader of tomorrow. Young generation have a passion, energy and acceptance of innovative ideas, dreams and hope.

The first and foremost method of utilising the youth is to trained them according to the demand of new area These skills must be according to current sanereo .Education is only the way to fly them high.

However, it is very hard to take quality education in our country. A major percentage of the youth does not even get educated at all and the other, if even they get schooling, is denied meaningful education. Major problem is lack of access to quality education is the absence of employment opportunities. The growing number of young people demands Pakistan to generate nearly two million jobs per year for two decades.

Pakistan’s freelancing industry has thrived with a great steps. According to the Online Labour Index 2017 of Oxford Internet Institute, we are ranked fourth in the list of most popular country for freelancing. The

tremendous growth of IT industry has made us the top destination for ICT outsourcing. Economy can be better.we can increase life style. Poverty and unemployment can also be control.

Statistics reveal that Pakistani freelancers are earning hourly wages starting from $5 to a maximum of $250. A committee should be formed, comprising the prime minister as its head and all provincial education ministers as members. The committee can take help from experts in

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identifying trades. Higher education institutes can be involved to design the project since they have infrastructure, qualified faculty, lab facilities, library, etc.  It is also important to discourage small institutes since they are not able to deliver quality education. This initiative can help our youth to get good skilled jobs outside Pakistan as well. Recently, Qatar has announced 100,000 jobs and our youth can target the same.

Skills development programme are necessary to produce skill full youth and promote employment for generations.

Laptop scheme, fee reimbursement scheme, youth training scheme, youth skill development programme, interest-free loan scheme and youth business loan scheme are other schemes carried out across the country, focusing on the development of young population was the some excellent scheme of last government.


Standing at the fourth position across the globe for software development and technology is another important point to be noted. All these statistics are not only considered a good prefigure for the prosperity of Pakistan but also call for a rich strategy towards utilising the youth to expand to generated the benefits.

Currently, we are generating revenue of $0.5 billion from the freelancing industry. If we are able to train one million freelancers in the next five .

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Pakistan becomes 4th fastest- growing free lancer market.

years, they can add $1.9 billion to the economy. This calculation is based on the least number of hourly wage that is $1 per hour.

According to the Statistics that Pakistani freelancers are earning hourly

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yes free lancing can be industry in Pakistan.

wages starting from $5 to a maximum of $250.

Skill development program should be enhance. However, there are a few steps, if taken, can prove helpful in producing desired outcomes. Besides updating, there is also a need to bring uniformity in the curriculum of same skills development programme being taught by different educational institutions. For that purpose, an academic board should be constituted and given the referred task.

Upgrade of computer lab facilities of public and private institutes as per international standards are also required. It is also important to introduce courses to train instructors as per demand of the industry.